100% untreated Emerald pendant

100% untreated Emerald pendant


One of a kind vintage emerald pendant with a 100% untreated 0.28 carat natural and certified emerald, framed by a halo of 8 diamonds (total weight approx. 0.45 carat).

Emerald: 0.28 carat; Square emerald cut; Measurements: 4.22 x 3.94 x 2.60 mm; Origin: Afghanistan (see Gübelin certificate); Treatments: NONE (see Gübelin certificate); Clarity: eye clean, extraordinarily clean for emerald; Color: an almost metallic, vivid emerald green (please get in touch to discuss the color in detail)

Diamonds: 8 pieces; Brilliant cut; Total carat weight: approx. 0.45 carat

Metal parts: Platinum 950 (tested in our atelier), stamped "PT950"

This is a vintage item. Based on the materials and workmanship we would date it to around 1980, although the style of the piece is a clear reference to the art of jewelry around 1900. Apparently it is a fine copy of an earlier item, clearly from the hand of a master bench jeweler. All metal parts are solid, hand forged work, no casting or other mass production techniques involved. Please note the very fine, hand applied milgrain work to the edges of the gem settings.

Very good condition, only very slight wear to the metal work, consistent with age.

100% untreated (= not even oiled) emeralds are exceptionally rare. It is even rarer to have this condition certified by one of the most discriminating gem labs such as Gübelin of Switzerland. The Afghan origin of the emerald from the famous gem mines of the Panjshir Valley adds to its desirability. All that makes this little pendant a real treasure.

Please note: the pictured chain made from Platinum 950, approx. 16 in / 41 cm in length, is a fine but recent addition to the pendant and a FREE GIFT to the buyer.

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