Custom Jewelry – Handmade Mountings for Your Precious Stones 

We make custom jewelry, both for stones purchased from us, or for gems already owned by you. We specialize in handmade rings, pendants, and earrings crafted in platinum or 18K white, yellow or rose gold.

Unheated 5.73 Padparadscha Ring - Made by Enhoerning Jewelry 2019

Unheated 5.73 Padparadscha Ring - Made by Enhoerning Jewelry 2019

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Our custom jewelry comes in two grades

Our signature jewelry products are always completely hand fabricated, using traditional European goldsmithing techniques. The result are incredibly smooth, clean and durable pieces of jewelry, made to last not for years, but centuries. These styles are typically quite labor intensive, and all work is done here in Manhattan, by a French and Italian-trained master goldsmith with four decades of experience. If you buy a fine gemstone from us, we are able to include such a handmade masterpiece at a very competitive package rate. 

Sometimes it is necessary to produce a piece of jewelry that is slightly more cost efficient than our signature line. In these cases we are able to cast jewelry either from hand carved wax models, following your ideas, or using computer based CAD modeling. Again, all this work is done in Manhattan, New York. We never order or use any pre-made jewelry parts from overseas factories. Even small accessories that are typically not hand made, such as earring posts or clasps and locks, are always US or European made. 

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