Gem Hunting – We Get You the Ruby or Sapphire of your Dreams

Looking for that special gemstone? A vivid blue Kashmir sapphire? The perfect Burma ruby? A large Padparadscha sapphire? A specific shape? Round, heart, emerald cut? We are happy to help. While no jeweler or gem dealer in the world can have all sizes, colors and quality grades in stock, the gem of your dreams is certainly somewhere out there, we simply need to find it. Though our network of high end gem dealers in the US and abroad, we are able to track down almost any gem for you. Let us know what you are dreaming of. See our FAQ here.

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What do we “hunt”? 

We specialize in blue and fancy sapphire, especially Padparadscha sapphire. We also do have a reputation for fine emeralds. These – sapphire, ruby, emerald – are the gemstones we can always help with. If you are looking for another fine gem – perhaps alexandrite, demantoid, spinel – or larger specimens of semi-precious gems, such as aquamarine, tourmaline, or opal – please do not hesitate to inquire. 

Is there a minimum value for gem hunting?

Yes, we typically custom source gems with a value of $5000 upwards. Please do not hesitate to inquire for options if you think the gem you are looking for may be less expensive, we may still be able to help. 

Depending on your search, we may ask you to make a small deposit for us to start work on your gem hunt.

If you find my gemstone, is there an obligation to buy?

No, not at all. All stones we find for you are merely suggestions. If you do not like what you see, you do not buy it.

Is there a return period on “hunted gems”?

Yes. Just as all our items (except custom made jewelry) there is a 7 day return period also on gems we have sourced for you. If you do not like it after receiving and seeing it in person, you may return it against a full refund. For more information, please inquire.